The project SITUATIONS is a cooperation between DERGREIF and the FOTOMUSEUM WINTERTHUR. The project addresses the topics metadata, photography and WordWideWeb.

The concept consists of a website and three installations at the FOTOMUSEUM WINTERTHUR. The idea is a chain letter process to publish photos from a photo library and retrieve metadata such as age, geolocation, purpose, profession, etc. in return on the website. The selected photos and metadata are published online via a gallery. In the exhibition at the FOTOMUSEUM WINTERTHUR the metadata is read out by a computer which you can listen to using headphones. Furthermore the metadata of the different publishers´ geolocation is shown on a digital map and the personal metadata is visualized in graphs on a screen. The technical implementation of the project was realized by SEBASTIAN OLEY and me.

The exhibition SITUATIONS opened on 10/16/2016 at FOTOMUSEUM WINTERTHUR and can be visited there:

Technology: Django, D3.js, GoogleMaps, GoogleSpeech, JS